What happens when you hire me as your personal chef?
I’m glad you asked!

Sharing Your Goals – I want to know your thoughts about food and how I can make your dinner one of the highlights of your day! You’ll complete a detailed client assessment form and we’ll discuss your likes, dislikes and goals – this will help me to address your needs and provide you with excellent service. Perhaps you don’t like fish, want to eat more organic produce, or love spicy foods – no problem!

Making a Plate Date – We’ll agree on the most beneficial service plan, and I’ll assist you in choosing a menu of entrée’s and side dishes from my ever-growing culinary portfolio. I can even prepare one of your family recipes if you’d like! We’ll also schedule a “plate date” – the day when I’ll come over to prepare your meals for you in your own home.

Shopping – I’ll start the morning of your plate date by shopping for all of the fresh ingredients for your meals. I’ll choose and inspect each item, purchasing the best ingredients according to your preferences and in appropriate quantities to allow for a healthy meal with as little waste as possible. I’ll arrive at your home shortly afterwards.

Preparing Your Meals – In your kitchen, I’ll unpack and organize the fresh ingredients and my equipment, and I’ll begin preparing and cooking your meals. Don’t worry if your kitchen is small or disorganized – all I need is some empty counter space, an empty sink, a clean stove/oven, and storage space in your refrigerator.

Storage & Instructions – At the end of your plate date, I’ll store your meals in containers, label and date them, and place them in the refrigerator. I’ll also leave preparation instructions so that you can warm the meals as needed for optimum flavor and enjoyment when you arrive home at the end of each day.

The Big Clean – Lastly, I’ll remove all trash and recyclable/compostable materials. Then I’ll thoroughly clean the cooking area, leaving behind only the welcoming aroma of great food!

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