Everyone can benefit from Sustainable Table Personal Chef Service!

Many people can benefit from Sustainable Table Personal Chef Service!
Do any of these descriptions apply to you?

The Time Challenged – You are working long hours, actively involved in the community, or engaged in the many sports activities of your children and find it difficult to plan, shop for or prepare meals at home.

The Health Challenged – You’re looking for a way to change your diet in order to address health issues such as weight control or food sensitivities and allergies, or just want to eat healthier.

Those Who Fear/Hate the Kitchen – You never learned to cook/ never wanted to cook/ would prefer to be as far away from the kitchen as possible.

The Paleo Tribe – You’ve found that you benefit from the Paleo lifestyle, but need support in determining what is and isn’t Paleo and in preparing meals which abide by these guidelines.

Those Who’ve Been There/Done That – You may have enjoyed cooking at one time, but as a Senior you’re simply bored of the kitchen and the drudgery of having to come up with yet another meal idea for dinner.

Staying In Place – You’re a Senior who is no longer able to cook and would benefit from home-made, healthy meals of your choice.

Whether you’re too busy to make dinner, want to escape the take-out routine, or simply don’t like to cook, Sustainable Table can help!

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