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I’m a first generation non-farmer who grew up in the beautiful upstate farming community of Hamilton NY, and I’m devoted to providing healthy, delicious, home cooked meals which will raise your awareness and appreciation for our regions local and sustainable foods.

My life’s recipe goes something like this:

2 Cups of Rural Appreciation – I grew up in a small town spending my days hiking through forest and field, surrounded by farmland, cows and big open skies. You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.

A Generous Handful of Home Cooking – I’ve descended from a long line of scratch cooks. In our home, the cookie jar was never empty and we never shied away from a day-long kitchen challenge, whether it be canning fresh peaches, making blackberry jelly or pulling (and breaking!) long strands of taffy. Don’t be afraid to try anything.

Several Ounces of Culinary Mentoring – My first experience in a professional kitchen was as a high school prep cook at a local Inn, where my Uncle Bob (a former navy chef and creator of our family’s legendary Christmas Eve Lasagna) trained me in everything from how to portion to presentation to guest appreciation. Listen. Learn. Repeat.

A Consistent Helping of Bean Counting – I’ve spent my professional life as a director of finance and controller, surviving software implementations, audits, acquisitions, start-ups and a dizzying array of linked spreadsheets. When I wasn’t learning first hand about business, I was showering my friends and coworkers with home-made baked goods and new dishes to sample. Business is a life lesson.

3 Tablespoons of Life’s Lemons – Several years ago, I unexpectedly acquired a new title: Breast Cancer Survivor. I took a deeper look at my own dietary habits, and began to take interest in food on a variety of new levels – the challenges of our farmers, the journey from field to table, nutritional impact, digestive science, economic consequences, dining trends. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Slowly Mix In A Steady Stream of Back to School Just a few years ago (and well beyond the age of the average college student), I decided to take the plunge and enroll in an evening culinary course at SUNY Schenectady. Just to “test the water”. By the third week, I fell in love with and matriculated into the program, and will be graduating this spring. I waited tables for the first time, cooked international dishes for the pubic, sampled wines and stuffed sausages and baked souffle.
And as an assignment, I designed a menu for my “dream” farm-to-table restaurant.
The restaurant was to be called
Sustainable Table.
Best decision ever.
Never stop learning.

Field with thunderhead near my childhood home

Chef Annie is a graduate of SUNY Schenectady’s Culinary Arts Program, a member of the American Personal & Private Chefs Association, and is Servsafe certified. See FAQ page for more infomation about these organizations.

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