My great grandmother Ola’s second husband Clark, hauling hay on his farm with his team. Circa 1930.
Courtesy – Aldridge Family Archives

Like the community farmers who consistently supply our markets with abundant choices, the Daily Harvest Service assures that dinner is ready all week-long – all you have to do is choose your entree and side dish, warm them up and before you know it you’re enjoying a relaxing meal at the table with your family. What could be better at the end of a busy day?

The Daily Harvest Service provides for the preparation of up to four servings of each of five different meals (each meal includes an entree and side dish) for a total of up to twenty servings per plate date. Also included is a generous mixed green salad scattered with seasonally available vegetables, accompanied by home-made salad dressing of your choice. Please inquire about additional servings if needed.

While this service plan accommodates a family of four for five dinners, it can also accommodate a family of two for ten dinners or a single person for twenty dinners if the meals are frozen for later use. Note that some menu selections do not freeze as well as others – I will assist you in making choices that accommodate this manner of storage as needed.

This service is available weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Service Fee for Plate Date – Service includes menu design and research, shopping, ingredient preparation, cooking, storage & cleaning, as well as pantry ingredients (organic herbs and spices, oils, vinegar, and other condiments).
$375 per plate date, $350 per plate date with Seasonal Subscription  
Market Basket Fee for Plate Date – Cost of fresh ingredients and cost of disposable storage containers which I provide if required.
$135 per plate date. Excess fees will be refunded to the client; excess costs will be charged back to the client. Costs to be reconciled monthly for subscription clients.

All fees to be paid in advance of the scheduled plate date.

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