My grandfather Harrison and friend cutting ice from the lake at Harrison’s farm. Circa 1930’s.
Courtesy – Aldridge Family Archives

On the farm, the field hand is the person who periodically jumps in to accomplish a task when help is needed and time is short – bailing the hay ahead of an impending storm, harvesting acres of vegetables at their peak, or cutting ice from the frozen lake to provide future months of refrigeration. S/he is the original seasonal superhero, the team player whose efforts assure a job well done and a day well spent.

We all need a bit of help at times to assure a productive and satisfying day. Sustainable Table’s Field Hand Service is available to provide you with nourishing support no matter what challenges the day presents. The Field Hand Service includes the Daily Harvest Service and allows you to choose two additional items (4 servings each) from the Field Hand menu for to supplement your day. Customize this service based on the meals when you need additional support by choosing from a variety of breakfast, lunch or snack items. Ready to start your day with something more than cereal and oatmeal? A warm breakfast casserole might be just the thing. In need of a quick and healthy snack? I have crunchy granolas baked just for you, along with sweet and satisfying energy eggs made with sustaining ingredients like dates, nuts, coconut, and fruit zest. Maybe you’d like to pass on the routine turkey sandwich at lunchtime in favor of a flavorful picnic lunch box featuring multiple small portions of fruits, veggies, crackers, cheese, proteins or and protein based salads? Whenever you need a little help making each day your best day, Sustainable Table is there for you.

This service is available weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Service Fee for Plate Date – Service includes menu design and research, shopping, ingredient preparation, cooking, storage & cleaning, as well as pantry ingredients (organic herbs and spices, oils, vinegar, and other condiments).
$450 per plate date, $425 per plate date with Seasonal Subscription 
Market Basket Fee for Plate DateCost of fresh ingredients and cost of disposable storage containers which I provide if required.
$165 per plate date. Excess fees will be refunded to the client; excess costs will be charged back to the client. Costs to be reconciled monthly for subscription clients.

All fees to be paid in advance of the scheduled plate date.

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