The Mission

Sustainable Table wants to unite each home with the distinctive foods and flavors of local farms and food artisans, by turning carefully chosen regional, sustainable and organic ingredients into hand crafted meals which gratify both the senses and the mind.

The Vision

Sustainable Table endeavors to be the community’s favored partner in nurturing and strengthening health, family and community through meals featuring regional and sustainably produced ingredients.

Sustainable Table Service Code of Ethics

Sustainable Table creates meals in a manner which highlights the authenticity of the ingredients, showcasing the efforts of farmers and purveyors in every dish. Chef Annie places great importance on the origins and characteristics of the ingredients and is always happy to share her knowledge regarding any of the meals prepared. She practices and exhibits the highest standards of customer service and cleanliness each and every day

American Personal & Private Chef Association Code of Ethics:

Article 1: I will operate my service with all appropriate licensing and insurance in place and in adherence to the applicable laws regarding the safe handling of food.
Article 2: I pledge my professional knowledge and skill to the advancement of our profession and will pass that knowledge on to those who are to follow.
Article 3: I will maintain the highest level of professionalism and decorum in any and all communications with others, giving thoughtful regard to the good name and dignity of the Personal Chef industry.
Article 4: I will respect the privacy of my Clients, holding any personal information as confidential unless granted permission to do otherwise.
Article 5: I will maintain the highest regard and care for my Client’s property and security, and will not engage in any activity that affects that property without my Client’s consent.
Article 6: I will use my experience and knowledge to select appropriate ingredients to create meals that consistently meet or exceed my Clients’ expectations.
Article 7: I will continually strive to expand my knowledge, education and experience for the benefit of my Clients, my business, and the Personal Chef industry.
Article 8: I will endeavor to view each day as an opportunity to continue along the path to excellence.
Article 9: I personally accept this code and will support and promote these principles equally to any group with which I am affiliated, or which represents my business and industry.

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