What you choose to put on your plate has a powerful effect on not only your own well-being but on that of the community.

Think beyond your table. Where did the food come from? Who raised it, tended to it, and harvested it, and was it done with care and good intentions for you as a consumer? Did it travel across town or across the country? Did your dollars go into the pocket of someone distant and unknown, or are they right now being used by the guy at the farmers market as he carefully compiles his spring order for the seed catalog?

A meal doesn’t have to be just part of a routine. Nor should you leave your table feeling that you ate too much fat/carbs/sugar/protein/sub-par ingredients. Whether a humble chicken soup or an amazing glazed salmon fillet, your end of day meal should be enjoyable for all of your senses, with the power to provide you with nutrition, energy and satisfaction without guilt. And maybe even happiness.

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