As a Sustainable Table Seasonal Subscriber, your reservation for recurring plate dates is locked in, assuring you with continuous personal chef service for the remainder of the season. Whether your service is weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, you won’t have to wait for the next available plate date, as your service dates will be reserved. Subscribers are encouraged to make a one-time investment in a sustainable/reusable bakeware/containers, which eliminates the need for disposable or recyclable plastic storage containers each week. I’d be happy to assist you in choosing a package of bakeware or containers which will accommodate your household. And when you become a subscriber, you enjoy a $25 savings per plate date for the rest of that season.

Seasonal Subscription Periods

Winter – January 1 through March 31
Spring – April 1 through June 30
Summer – July 1 through September 30

Autumn – October 1 through December 31

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