Preserving Nature’s Beauty
Five Rivers Environmental Education Center, Delmar NY

Sustainable is defined as “a system that remains diverse and productive indefinitely, or a process that is characterized by a common ideal”.

Sustainable Table takes every opportunity to practice sustainability, no matter how small.

All compostable bi-products of the cooking process – apple peels, onion skins, vegetable trimmings, paper packaging – are composted via local composting service provided by FoodScraps360 (Delmar NY). Read more about their services at

Marketing materials are artfully designed and printed locally by The Corner Gateway (Slingerlands NY), using paper with significant recycled content. Learn more about The Corner Gateway at

The majority of ingredients used for preparing meals come from the Honest Weight Food Co-Op (Albany NY). The Co-op sources the regions finest ingredients and routinely labels most unpackaged items with their source (farm, producer, state or country of origin). The Co-op’s extensive bulk food area also allows me to purchase only the required amount of many ingredients, packaged in a small recyclable paper bag. Learn more about the Honest Weight Food Co-op’s products, membership benefits and community outreach activities here:

The containers used to store your meals (if you are not using reusable bakeware) are reusable, recyclable and BPA free. Use them for leftover foods, for storage around the house, or recycle them via your local recycling service.

When shopping for your fresh ingredients, I use washable mesh bags for gathering produce (avoiding plastic produce bags) and reuseable shopping bags (avoiding plastic supermarket bags).

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